Joining Guidewires European Development Center

On the 23rd of March I joined Guidewire as a software development intern.

Up till now i’ve been working in the GSC (Guidewire Services Center) as a remote consultant specializing in Policy Center (one of Guidewires core products) on a project for Direct Line Group.

first day of work

This week I joined the EDC (European Development Center) in Guidewire.
I started a new project working with Luca Debiasi a senior developer.

The project G2TX (Google for Guidewire Telematics Experiment) is an experimental project from the Guidewire labs.

Project Description:

“The Guidewire Telematic Experiment tries to offer a platform to keep in real-time sync Policy Center / Claim Center with the coverable assets using the Google Cloud and Android services. An Android application acts as gateway between the monitored coverable (vehicle, building, drones) and the Google Cloud services. The Guidewire platform uses the data persisted in the Google’s cloud to quote premium in Policy Center, to validate terms are respected and to open a claim when accidents happen. “

Desired endpoint:

  • The Android application collects data from the vehicle via OBDII protocol wrapped by Bluetooth.
  • The application collects user’s data via NFC protocol from driver’s documents.
  • The Android application shows the map of movements and relevant events of the driver / vehicle.
  • The Android application transmit data to the Google Datastore Cloud service.

What I’ve been doing so far:

This week i’m pretty much getting to know the basics of android development as well as working with the Google Cloud Platform.


Two of the resources I’ve found very beneficial are:

  • This Udemy course on Android development.
  • This tutorial which covers the basics of Gradle as well as Google App Engine & Cloud Endpoints.