HyperDrive: Update #2

Intended Audience: Marija Bezbradica (FYP Supervisor)

Made progress with:

  • Learning Spring Boot
  • Setting up build / deployment pipeline
  • Setting up mobile development workspace

Learning spring:

Over the last couple of weeks i’ve put a considerable amount of time into learning the basics of spring and spring security.

  • I built a simple login application using basic security.
  • Next is to implement oauth2.

The front end AngularJs code and the API are all in one project at the moment. I’m using the Wro4j maven plugin to resolve the angular dependancies and optimize the resources. I plan on splitting the front and back end into two separate projects. This will give me more flexibility with the tools I use while developing the front end.

Build pipeline:

I’ve spent the last few days setting up the build pipeline, refer to previous post for more details that the process involved. Here’s a basic overview of the system:

  • On each code commit a webhook triggers a Jenkins build.
  • Code is cloned from github, tests are run, if tests pass project jar is built.
  • Jenkins run command to stop HyperDrive API via ssh.
  • Jar file is copied to deployment server.
  • Jenkins starts API via ssh.

Mobile application:

  • Spent time learning the basics of Apache Cordova.
  • Set up development environment.
  • Built basic application using IONIC framework template.
  • Launched application via iOS emulator.