Third Functional Spec. Meeting

We met today in L125 to finish off working on the Functional Spec. At this stage we had all the information in there that we needed we just wanted to refine things slightly and then make the finished document more visually appealing.

Conor’s GAA club Whitehall Colmcille agreed to test out our application with their senior hurling team when we had a working prototype. We feel like this will be very beneficial especially when it comes to refining the user interface.

Second Functional Spec. Meeting

Our second time meeting up to work on the functional spec. we downloaded the template from loop and used that as a basis to write our own. We continued to refine the requirements we discussed in our last meeting and based the documentation off this.

We discussed potential 3rd party libraries we could use for the android side and the web side. We found a plotting library called Android plot that seems to do what we need.

We also spent time discussing the cloud aspect of the app. We drew up some use cases to get a better understanding of how the user will interact with the finished product.

First Functional Spec. Meeting

Today we had our first meeting to discuss the functional specifications of the project. We spent the majority of the meeting discussing possible functionality.

We wrote down a list of all the features we would like to include and then we assigned a priority to each of them. This priority would help us decide what order to implement features later on.

The most basic functionality is for the app to take in user input and then graph out the results in an easy to understand manner. Since the data is being captured in real time our priority is to make everything as quick and as easy as possible.