HyperDrive: Update #8

Intended Audience: Marija Bezbradica (FYP Supervisor)

Made progress with:

  • Server metrics & health checks.
  • Debugging issue with hyper-lapse library.
  • UI improvements to indicate requests are being processed.

Spring Boot Actuator https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/tree/master/spring-boot-actuator is a project built upon Spring Boot which simplifies the addition of monitering and metric gathering functionality.

Using Spring Boot Actuator I was able to expose a Metrics endpoint. Using this endpoint an administrator of the application can view:

  • JVM Metrics: such a memory usage, threads and garbage collection.
  • HTTP Request: amount of requests coming to the API.
  • Ecache & Datasource statistics.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 17.52.13

By evaluating the above metrics a system administrator could make informed decisions about infrastructure requirements and system optimizations tasks.
Spring Boot Actuator also enables us to perform ‘Health checks’. Health checks determine if essential components of the system such as the email server or the database are functioning correctly.

Today I finally got the hyper-lapse functionality to work. Initially I encountered a number of issues while trying to integrate the library into the project. The code I had been using at the start of first semester to test out the library was no longer running. It was logging a number of javascript errors to the console. After quite a bit of digging around I found a solution to the problem in the ‘Issues’ section of the Github repository. It seems like a number of individuals were encountering the same same issue.

Following the advice from the github thread I was able to make a number of adjustments and get the code running.

The video itself takes quite a bit of time to generate, this is due to all the requests that need to be made to Google API. The average time seems to be about 30 seconds. I added a spinning gif within a message dialog at the top of the page, to indicate to the user that their request is being processed.Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 17.49.17 I made use of the ‘ng-hide’ directive to hide this message once the hyper-lapse is ready to be played.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 17.50.38


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