HyperDrive: Update #6

Intended Audience: Marija Bezbradica (FYP Supervisor)

Made progress with:

  • Setting up Cordova plugin.
  • Updated mobile UI
  • Transmitting data to the server

In order to get the users current lat, long, altitude and speed I am making use of the Cordova GeoLocation plugin. https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-geolocation

It provides a javascript interface to the phones native GPS capabilities. The GitHub page has detailed instructions that I was able to follow in order to integrate it into the mobile application.

I made a number of changes to the sample project I had been working on to bring the UI in line with the projects requirements. Below are some screenshots:



I have also implemented services to encapsulate the logic required to interact with the REST API. When the user clicks start driving a request is sent to create a new journey, the server responds with the journey_id which is stored and transmitted with each point as they are recorded. When the user clicks end journey the current journey id is removed from local storage.

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