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Danny Walsh

Software Engineering student from Dublin.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and view my work. I am a final year student currently undertaking a B.Sc. in Computer Applications (Software Engineer) at Dublin City University. I expect to graduate autumn 2016 with a minimum 2.1 degree.

I am a young, enthusiastic and dynamic web developer. I'm a motivated self-starter with an excellent ability to adapt to any environment. I enjoy working independently and as part of a team.

I hold myself to a high standard, I'm keen to work with and learn from the best. I am currently seeking graduate employment opportunity at home and abroad.

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Software Development Intern

This year I spent six months interning at Guidewire Software. The internship was split up into two halves, three months working in the Professional Services department as a configuration consultant and three months working in the European development center as a software engineer.

In the services center I worked as part of the Policy Center team on the final development sprints for the Direct Line Group project. I was assigned active user stories that were delivered as part of the finished product. This role required a lot of remote meetings with the testing team that worked out of India, and with business analysts from the office in London. To gain a deeper understanding of the functionality to be built as well as to explain exactly who the functionality was to be tested. I gained solid experience of working on a agile software development project as well as professional communication.

You can read more about my experience at Guidewire here.


Data Motion

CTO / Co-Founder

We originally started 'Data Motion' with the aim of providing social media services & guidance to small businesses, as well as to develop bespoke social applications to help businesses better engage with their online audience.

Shortly into the venture we decided to dissolve our partnership. This was largely due to conflicting views when it came to the direction the company was heading.

Due to the highly demanding nature of my course I had to temporarily shelve the project. I'm currently redeveloping the website with the aim of relaunching later this year.


Propaganda Promotions Limited

Web Developer / Social Media Consultant

I worked with Propaganda Promotions for four months designing & developing a Facebook page tab application.

In terms of promotions I was brought in to consult on weekly planning meeting with the city manager and occasionally the area manager. In these meetings we developed and refined our marketing strategy. We looked at how best to capitalise on our social media audience and how to best to appeal to new customers.


showcase of my latest works




Google For Guidewire Telematics Experiment

Guidewire Software Inc

The Guidewire Telematic Experiment tries to offer a platform to keep in real-time sync PolicyCenter / ClaimCenter with the coverable assets using the Google Cloud and Android services.

An Android application acts as gateway between the monitored coverable (vehicle, building, drones) and the Google Cloud services. The Guidewire platform uses the data persisted in the Google's cloud to quote premium in Policy Center, to validate terms are respected and to open a claim when accidents happen.

You can read more about my contribution to the G2TX project here on my blog.

Technologies used on this project included Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript,Angular.js.


Sideline Stats

DCU 3rd Year Project (Grade Received 1.1)

Sideline Stats is an Android tablet application for collecting and displaying statistics at GAA matches. It makes use of several open source projects such as AndroidPlot & Morris.js.

Data can be collected, stored & graphed on any Android powered device allowing GAA management to make reactive decisions during a game. Users may also register for an account through our web interface to have their data analysed further and persisted.

You can read more about the project here on my blog.

Technologies used on this project included Java, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & SQL.



Guidewire Software Inc

Federator is an internal search engine developed for use within Guidewires intranet. The application searches numerous internal data stores and document repositories for a user given query.The data is then nicely formated and displayed to the user ordered by relevance.

I worked on this project for a total of a month while I was at guidewire. The core search functionality had already been implemented by the time I joined the project. Along with three other interns I was responsible for implementing some additional functionality and cosmetic upgrades.

Technologies used on this project included Angular.js, Java, XML, Spring, H2, & Bootstrap.


Facebook Gig Guide App

Propaganda Promotions Limited

I was approached by Propaganda Promotions to design & develop a facebook application that would benefit the company. I analysed their online workflow and came up with the concept for the Gig Guide app.

It gives users a simple way to find out what events are on, sign up for discounted admission and make group bookings. The app has been used by Propaganda in Dublin, London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Sheffield & Leeds.

Technologies used on this project included PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.


Facebook Competition App

Feature Clothing

I was approached by Feature clothing to build them a facebook tab application. The competition app takes the principles behind the classic 'like & share' competition and adds a level of sophistication.

It gives them to ability to reward their fans with great prizes while collecting a highly targeted marketing database.

Technologies used on this project included PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.



Data Motion

I built this as a personal project to develop and expand on the original idea for the Facebook Gig Guide app. It is designed to give event promoters complete control over how they market events via facebook. All aspects of the app are completely customisable via a CMS style back end.

It allows users to offer discounts & rewards to customers who sign up to events via facebook. One of the most beneficial features is that promoters have a much better idea of the numbers and demographic attending their events ahead of time.

Technologies used on this project included PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.

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